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Thank you for your interest in the King of the Mountain 2024 organized by Little Mountain Brewers, Mentor Ohio.

You only need to register your information once and can return to this site to enter more brews or edit the brews you've entered. You can even pay your entry fees online if you wish.

Entry Registration is Open

140 entries have been added to the system as of 11:31 PM, EDT, Saturday, July 20, 2024. There is a limit of 175 entries for this competition.

76 paid entries are in the system as of 11:31 PM, EDT, Saturday, July 20, 2024. There is a limit of 175 paid entries for this competition.

To add your entries into the system, please proceed through the registration process or log in if you already have an account.

Judge and Steward Registration is Open

If you have not registered and are willing to be a volunteer, please register.

If you have registered, log in and then choose Edit Account from the My Account menu indicated by the icon on the top menu.



Categories are reduced so that more beers will be judged head to head against similar beers, judges palates will be less by certain styles, and so that most brewers can enter most categories. See the list of accepted styles for included styles.

You only need to register your information once and can return to this site to enter more brews or edit the brews you've entered. You can even pay your entry fees online if you wish. Please note that when using PayPal, select the "Friends and family option" to avoid the extra transaction fees.

Note: New this year, we will purge any entries that are not paid for by 8/24/2024. If you are unable to submit entries because the limit has been reached, please check backafter this date to see if additional openings are available.

 ************    RULES    ****************

This competition is AHA sanctioned and open to any amateur homebrewer age 21 or older.

All mailed entries must received by 8/31/2024 - please allow for shipping time.

All entries must be handcrafted products, containing ingredients available to the general public, and made using private equipment by hobbyist brewers (i.e., no use of commercial facilities or Brew on Premises operations, supplies, etc.).

The competition organizers are not responsible for mis-categorized entries, mailed entries that are not received by the entry deadline, or entries that arrived damaged.

The competition organizers reserve the right to combine styles for judging and to restructure awards as needed depending upon the quantity and quality of entries.

We will strive to provide the best possible judging of all entries. Two or more judges will evaluate and score each entry. Judges will determine final overall score and rankings based on consensus. Each flight will have at least one BJCP judge.

Brewers may only enter each *sub*category once. Example: participant can enter a Belgian Pale (16B) and Belgian Saison (16C), but may not enter two Saisons.

The total number of entries will be limited to 175. Maximum entries for each entrant including collaborative entries will be 5. Entries submitted but not paid for by 8/24/2024 will be subject to removal from the competition.

Categories may be combined by organizer based on number of entries. All possible effort will be made to combine similar styles. All entries will be judged according to the style they were originally entered in.

The Best of Show judging will be determined by a Best of Show panel based on a second judging of the top winners.



Entry Acceptance Rules

Number of Bottles Required Per Entry: 2

Organizer prefers entries that meet the requirements below. Entries not following them may be excluded from the competition at the organizer's discretion.

*****     BEER & CIDER ENTRIES    *****

Two 12 ounce bottles any closure type in brown glass bottles or 12 oz cans without printed caps or labels. If caps have printing it must be completely blacked out. Unopened bottles will not be returned to contest entrants.

*****     ENTRY LABELS     *****

Labels should be printed from this web site. Alternate labels can be used as long as they are easily legible and contain same information and those provided here. Rubber bands only may be used to hold label to bottle.


Fill out information for your entry as required. Where additional info is required by style, note only the sensible ingredients that contribute to aroma, appearance, taste or mouthfeel. Judges are required to use the information you provide to evaluate your beer. Noting elements that are not perceptible may reduce your score.


Competition Officials

You can send an email to any of the following individuals via Contact.

  • Nick Greco — Judge & Steward Coordinator
  • Mark McFadden — Sponsor Coordinator
  • Steve Micco — Cellar Master
  • Terry Nagy — Event & IT Coordinator


Little Mountain Brewers is proud to have the following sponsors for the King of the Mountain 2024.

Amoretti is the Ultimate Pastry, Savory & Beverage Ingredient Manufacturing Company. They offer a full line of flavorings extracts and syrups for the professional or home brewer.
Collision Bend Brewing Company
261 Babbitt Rd, Euclid, OH 44132
Collision Bend Brewing Company
Collision Bend Brewing Company is an artisanal brewery and full-service restaurant, featuring crisp, bright beers brewed on site, served alongside a menu inspired by Cleveland’s melting pot.
Spike Brewing
Spike Brewing
Spike Brewing is a premier manufacturer of stainless steel home brewing equipment. Founded in 2011 to make a few extra bucks for Ben’s weekend beer fund., it has grown into a nationally recognized brand with a highly skilled staff working out of our facility in Milwaukee.
BeerSmith™ Home Brewing Software, Recipes, Forum, Blog, Podcast and More
Hopsteiner is a sixth-generation global hop supplier dedicated to delivering the choicest hops and hop products available. Our team connects brewers with unique hop varieties from across the globe, offering a wide range of services and innovative hop products designed to enhance flavor, aroma, and efficiency for brewing and beyond.
Omega Yeast
Omega Yeast
Omega Yeast produces fresh, high quality and pitch-ready liquid yeast for professional and homebrewers. We have a dedicated crew of microbiologists, homebrewers, professional brew staff and craft beer fans who have made it our express purpose to make brewing easier and better for everyone.
8th Day Brewing Co.
11782 Washington St., Auburn, OH
8th Day Brewing Co.
Large selection of craft beer brewed right in Auburn township! Draft and event list updated weekly on their website and Facebook page.
Imperial Yeast
Imperial Yeast
Imperial is giving brewers the option to use a high-quality certified organic brewing yeast and at the same time use a yeast that is produced with GMO-free, 100% natural ingredients. We are proud to be the first manufacturer of certified organic liquid yeast, producing a product in an environmentally responsible way.